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Mail Order Brides Service: What is It and How to Use It?

Everyone deserves love. It’s in our very nature, set by our biology to want to belong to a clan; sometimes we pick our own family, and sometimes a family picks us. Loneliness is an unnatural state for people. At the very least, it hurts us emotionally and physically; no matter how influential or successful we end up in our own fields, if there is nobody to support us, there is no point to our success.

As much as we have developed via technology and exploration, it has become harder and harder to find The One. The world-wide-web allows us to connect with virtually anybody on the planet. We can exchange ideas and interest; if all goes well, we might be lucky enough to end up in a committed and loving relationship. But it is hard to find someone like that on our own. Be it in real life or online.

That’s why such services exist. Mail order brides services connect you with thousands of eligible and lovely ladies who are looking for the same thing as you: marriage. These ladies have been hand-selected from hundreds of candidates and judged by several essential criteria such as age, location, traditions, and looks, and if successful, they are deemed quality wife material.

These ladies are generally located in Russia, Ukraine, Asia and Europe, with the vast amount of them located around Russia and most of Europe.

How can mail order brides services help you?

If you are like hundreds, if not thousands, of other men worldwide – tired and heartbroken from an endless search that never brought any fruit – this service is for you. Mail order bride services offer a safe and secure place for you to chat, talk, and exchange information with lovely ladies from all over the world.

Once you register, you will be shown a questionnaire and a psychological profile test that you must complete. These are required so the algorithm behind the website can correctly determine what kind of person you are and match you with women who might share your common interests. You can improve these results by answering correctly to all questions. If the result does not fully satisfy you, feel free to add and change details in your profile manually. This way, you will be shown different women from different locations that are better suited for you.

Mail order brides services work pretty much like any other dating platform. After going through all the necessary steps, you receive contact information and instructions on how to communicate with your potential mail order bride. If at the end you and your lady are satisfied with one another and want to marry, you pay the company the required fee and move forward with the marriage. The company will most likely have a plan in motion that can help you with the legal procedures. If, for example, your bride is from Europe and you are from the US, the company can help you with visa applications and guide you on any steps that need to be followed to ensure that the application and marriage go through successfully.

At your disposal are powerful tools for communications such as chat, calls, video and picture sharing. Think of it as Facebook, but the goal is to find a partner. Specialists have determined that all that is necessary for two people to form a connection is to have a good platform for communication. What once was considered important – chemistry and the chemical exchange when two people meet – has been fully debunked in recent years. While factors such as pheromones and smells certainly do play a part in forming a relationship with a person, those apply mostly to the sexual aspect of a relationship. As we all know, it is completely possible to form a relationship with people via chat. Statistics show that long-term relationships formed by to people who are a large distance away often last longer than their more traditional counterparts. The main reason that scientists have managed to figure this out is that in a long distance relationship, both parties need to strive to accommodate each other. Overcoming a distance gap eventually gives them a sense of purpose and strengthens their bond, while people participating in regular relationships tend to take each other for granted.

Besides these communication tools, most websites feature a special kind of calendar that lets you set dates. If you like a person and would like to get to know them further, you can make a sort of fantasy calendar where you both set your dates on your schedule that remind you when certain activities need to be done. Keeping a plan handy is good and important in order to help the relationship blossom.

Now that you know what tools you have available, it’s all up to you. The mail order brides services give you a platform and a database with which you can locate your perfect match. It’s up to you to woo them and win their favors. The service will, of course, help in whatever way they can. Some services offer weekly guides and articles on successful dating. Since courting and dating online is slightly different than regular dating, more obstacles need to be overcome. Reading through these seminars will give you heads up on useful techniques that you can use.

Content that mail order services offer

Besides giving you a platform and powerful communication tools, websites for finding a wife will have some professionals on staff that write articles and shoot weekly videos.

These posts cover a vast range of topics. Some are: 

1. How to find the perfect match? Why you shouldn’t give up on love even if it takes you ten years to find the one.

2. Location-based love and how to overcome the distance gap.

3. Overcoming ethnicity differences; 10 ways in which an ethnically diverse marriage can lead to a happy life.

4. Dating on a long-distance. How to spend a romantic evening online?

5. Marriage Visas and steps that need to be followed to acquire a marriage certificate overseas.

Most of these articles hold important insights into starting and developing a romantic relationship with a woman online. The articles were written by on-staff professional psychologists that work directly for these websites.

Online videos also hold valuable insights on how to build a romantic bond in a long distance relationship. They also show actual footage of success stories and already married couples that met on these websites. Some sample videos are:

  • The story of Romeo and Juliet or how two people found love through a mail order brides system.
  • Ten valuable tips for keeping things fresh while dating.
  • Oxford studies on long-term relationships and why they are an alternative future.
  • Cambridge research on arranged marriages: why the old traditions are still alive today.
  • How two halves make a whole: the story of 5 arranged marriages that lasted for more than five years

These articles and videos are almost always free of charge. Real mail order bride services have dedicated mail lists and blogs that every person, both the man and his potential brides, can access.

How to spot fake websites?

A fake website for mail order brides is quite easy to spot if you look for some clues.

A real website will never claim that they can find your true partner in X given time. Or that you will be 100% guaranteed to find love. Unfortunately, these are statistics that nobody can guarantee. Avoid websites which base their service on this slogan.

Another sign of an illegal or fake dating website is pricing. When asked to pay a fee for every service (log in, energy, hidden profiles, basic communication), you are probably being scammed. Genuine mail order brides websites will not gate your search for a partner. As a matter of fact, these services win more by finding you a partner and making sure you are happy. Genuine services get paid on successful matches, just like Ancient Matchmakers. Always keep track of payments and fees that you are requested to pay in order to join a website.

There are many fraudulent websites and dating services on the internet. Always try to read reviews or talk to someone who has experience in that field before you commit.

Subscriptions and other payments

A legit mail order brides website or service will almost always have a fee that needs to be paid. These fees can generally range from 50 to 100 dollars. By subscribing, a user gets extra content and privileges.

Those privileges differ based on the subscription plan. Most common types of subscription plans are:

  • Basic: Allows a user to view profiles of potential brides from all over the world. The user can rate or like the profiles but is not able to message them. To start a conversation with a bride, the user needs to be liked or rated by them.
  • Advanced: The user can like and rate profiles of potential brides as well as message them. The user can do almost all actions except getting the exact location of the bride. The bride can reveal her location if she chooses.
  • Unlimited: The user has all privileges unlocked and can communicate with potential brides freely.

What we do and we help you find good platforms

We compare the best bridal services and choose the ones most suitable for our clients. We try to distinguish between real websites and fake ones and compile adequate reviews about them.

We believe that everyone deserves to find true love. We also believe that there are more ways than one to achieve that end: the traditional and the modern way.

While the traditional way of finding a mate and establishing a family is essential to our survival, it isn’t possible for everyone to achieve. The fact is that we have developed immensely as a society. We use technology on a daily basis – it has become a part of who we are. Based on modern statistics, less than 70% of new marriages happen fully by accident. This means that 30% of couples form virtually or by using a dating service.

The modern way of meeting someone does not require you to travel immense distances or spend ludicrous amounts of money on a relationship you are not sure of. For example: your lover is a nice person. But you are not sure you want to spend your entire life with them. They just don’t get you, you know? During the process of courting you take them on dates, fancy hotels, and perhaps romantic getaways; all that costs a lot of money, time, and emotional investment. If things don’t work out for the both of you, both parties will have lost a giant chunk of their time with nothing but memories to show for it. Which is often good, but at one point or another, gets annoying.

By using the modern approach, internet dating or a dating service such as mail order brides, we believe that you get to ‘skip’ some of the unnecessary things in dating. Sure, it’s important to have social contacts that nurtures your relationships, but only if you are sure those relationships are going somewhere. Nobody wants to be left with empty pockets and a broken heart.

We consider our involvement in your personal life an intimate and sacred duty. So, we will never attempt to cheat you or feed you misinformation. All reviews presented here are true and unbiased.

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