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Discover the World of Mysterious Russian Brides

Beautiful Russian brides hide many mysteries, but one thing about them is no longer a secret. They make excellent wives and mothers, which is exactly why so many Western men dream of marrying one of these gorgeous ladies. Any man who’s been single for a while has a certain image of a perfect wife in mind, but the sad truth is — most of us are looking for a wife who would support us emotionally rather than invest all her time and effort into career-building. Besides, so many men dream of marrying a good homemaker and a caring mother. Sadly enough, more and more Western ladies seem to have other ideas about a perfect marriage.

Fortunately, there are still women who would rather take care of their loved ones than work extra hours to get a promotion, and online dating makes it possible to reach out to them. Russian women for marriage are definitely one of the best candidates for the position of a perfect wife, and you can easily meet them from the comfort of your house — until, of course, you get your act together and actually fly over to Russia. Sounds intriguing? Discover how you can reach out to Russian brides online, which sites are reliable enough to join, and — of course — why Russian gals are your best shot at family happiness.

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Russian mail order brides sites: are they legitimate?

Sites that promise to mail order Russian brides may seem a bit confusing to gentlemen who’ve never used international dating platforms before. Still, these websites are totally legitimate because none of them explicitly states that you can buy a Russian bride. If they do — you should definitely avoid such sites because they are obvious frauds that advertise human trafficking (which is not only illegal but also impossible).

On the other hand, sites that use ‘mail order’ as a slang catch-phrase are usually legit. In fact, these services are not very much different from any other dating website you might have used. The biggest difference is that brides sites focus on long-term heterosexual relationships that, ideally, end up in happy marriages. Not to bury the lead, most of the relationships on Russian brides sites do end up in happy marriages, with ridiculously low divorce rates.

So, when you register with a Russian brides club like this, you get a chance to:

  • Meet only straight ladies interested in building a family
  • Boost your statistical chances of ending up in a happy marriage
  • Know for a fact that every bride’s profile is real and verified.

The latter perk is another crucial difference that gives brides sites a competitive advantage over free dating platforms no one monitors or manages. Of course, there is a downside — most brides agencies charge for communication on their sites, but the fees are not that high and regular clients get impressive discounts that sweeten this pill for them. We’ll get to the actual features and prices in the paragraphs below, but for now, let’s focus on gorgeous Russian brides and their reasons for dating foreigners.

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Why single women join paid dating sites?

You may wonder why beautiful Russian women would even pay for a dating service or join a site that promises to mail order them. Here, you should remember that not every site charges women (even though a lot of them do) and very few sites emphasize the mail-order term to the ladies. Truth be told, these platforms have a different marketing strategy in Russia, so the wording does not seem as diminishing to the ladies.

Still, a different marketing strategy alone does not explain why hot Russian women flock around international dating sites. Demographic situation in their home country, on the other hand, does. The female population of the world outnumbers male one by a couple of percents, but in Russia, this ratio is even more uneven. As a result, plenty of gorgeous women simply cannot find a match they truly deserve. Just think about it for a second: if men are in short supply, would they do a lot to get and keep the ladies’ attention? Not truly.

Finally, present-day Russian girls still enjoy all the benefits of obligatory education system introduced back in the USSR. Today, however, they get even more opportunities to expand their horizons — they take online classes, they travel a lot, they learn new languages and explore new cultures. No wonder some of these knowledge-thirsty women discover that they would be better off in a different culture or country.

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What can you gain from marrying a foreigner?

We already mentioned that very few marriages to hot Russian brides lead to divorce, which is already reason enough to consult a dating agency. We also mentioned that Russian brides make better wives than Western ladies, and we stand by this statement. Russians value family above everything else, and Russian women will have no problem putting careers on hold should such need arise. They are excellent cooks and organized homemakers; they are smart and educated; they are cheerful and resourceful — the list of their positive character traits can go on for pages.

Still, what a single man can truly gain from marrying a Russian bride is a happy marriage. Most surveyed couples report that it is psychologically easier for them to mind their partners’ feelings if those partners come from a different cultural environment. Think about it for a second — how many things do you take for granted when talking to a person from your hometown? You think your partner knows the places you’ve been and the things you’ve seen. You just assume they love the same TV shows and movies as you. You eventually start believing your spouse has similar, if not identical, wishes and motivations as you. However, the actual reality is far from these assumptions.

So, getting married to someone who comes from a different cultural setting may be a bit of a rough awakening. Wives and husbands are not the same, but only cross-cultural couples seem to remember this simple fact. Minding our differences helps us discover things we truly have in common, and that’s another reason why so many men live full, happy lives with their stunning Russian brides.

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Hot Russian brides and the comfort they create

You may want to date Russian women by now, but dating is one thing and marriage — quite another one. After all, any long-term relationship is associated with a particular routine, and routine is an absolute excitement-killer. So, the real question is — do Russian women make good wives? Can they turn a house into a home? Will they be good mothers to your children? Our answer is an absolute yes; besides, Russian mail order wives can offer even more than that in marriage.

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Absolute loyalty and support in all situations

Russian wives are not just faithful — they are loyal. They will do whatever it takes to support their husbands — emotionally, financially, physically. They take their marriage vows with all seriousness, and if you ever marry one of the Russian women brides, you can stay confident that they mean to stay with you for life. The only condition is not that you do not mistreat your wife. Most of them expect the same marital fidelity from their husbands, and they may also need a shoulder to cry on.

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A cozy home to return to after work

Even single Russian women invest a lot of time and energy into keeping and decorating their homes. When they do get married and have a family nest of their own, they tend to triple their efforts. These ladies want everyone to be happy at home, and they work hard to make sure every family member wants to return to a tidy and well-decorated house. Even if they work a full-time job, they will still try their best to create the kind of household routine that would always keep their homes neat. As a bonus, you may count on their excellent cooking skills and the desire to experiment with new dishes, constantly improving on them.

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Subtle pedagogic techniques in raising the children

Even as you chat to Russian brides online, you will notice how deeply they understand and appreciate human nature. Most of these women are innate psychologists — even if they’ve never taken any actual classes or courses in this subject. When they have children, Russian wives apply the best of their psychological abilities to raising the little ones into independent and self-sufficient adults. With a Russian mom, there will be no over-protection or unjustified restrictions. Instead, they will take all the time they need to teach children about this world, its logic and principles, and — most importantly — about making their own decisions and bearing responsibility for any of those actions or decisions.

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How to choose a site you’ll enjoy using

Even though there are plenty of 100% legitimate dating services that could introduce you to your perfect brides, it does not mean all of these platforms ensure an equally enjoyable experience. Here, we do not imply that some sites are good, while others are bad. It’s all a matter of personal taste because different websites target different demographics. The scope of services and the actual fees are quite similar, but we all know that details matter, and these details can make a difference between an enjoyable dating experience and not a very impressive one.

To point you in the right direction, consider the following features. They should help you choose a dating agency that would suit you best.

  • Exact region of operation: there are sites that work with Russian mail order brides exclusively, but some platforms will have a slightly larger scope of operation that includes neighboring countries as well. Still, even larger networks may collectively refer to all of their brides as Russian — despite the fact some of them may actually be Belarusian or Ukrainian. This is not always a problem because women from the neighboring states share some cultural similarities with the lovely Russian brides. However, details may be quite different, and often — there is no love between these ladies. So, consider if you are going to focus on Russia exclusively or if you’d rather expand your horizons a bit further.
  • Main demographics of the service: most women on dating websites will be quite young, in their middle twenties or early thirties. Some will join as soon as they turn eighteen, and some others will be looking for a second (or even a third husband) in their forties or fifties. So, think which women would suit you best and choose a site that targets that demographic.
  • Actual pricing logic: some dating services charge a fixed-price subscription and others charge for every little feature clients use. Both payment plans have their pros and cons, but on the whole — subscribing for several months is usually cheaper if you go with a fixed-price plan. Most of the time, you’ll also get bulk discounts for subscribing several months in advance. Paying for every service, on the other hand, hardly ever comes with any discounts.
  • Fees compared to other platforms: differences in billing logic are also associated with differences in the monthly expenses. Besides, some dating services are simply more expensive than others. So, take your time to research the prices and make your calculations. Most men need around 11-15 months to find a perfect bride, so you will not want to be over-charged for a full year of using the website.
  • Previous user reviews: take some interest in what other people have to say about the platform. Of course, you should not take every review too close to heart — no matter if it’s a praising or a diminishing one. Read through as many of them if you can to find out facts that matter to you.
  • Any additional perks you can count on: additional services may differ from one dating agency to another. Some will offer automated translation; others will write cultural blogs and post online dating advice. Those are all good, but we suggest you look for a website that can offer travel arrangements and legal help with marriage paperwork on request. You will not need it straightway, but you may need it in the long run. Also, it would not hurt if you could send your lady an actual gift via the local agency. Once again, you may not need this feature right away, but you may still find it very useful when one of the lovely Russian brides catches your attention.

The final word of advice would be to take things slow — reasonably slow, of course. Do not think that you should always focus on one bride at a time, for example. Take your time to meet as many Russian women online as you can, chat with them, visit them. Russian brides are captivating, but only one of them will prove your perfect match.


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